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Carina is incredibly sweet and Ben is really into the outdoors, which if you didn't know, so am I! Plus, having the ceremony right on the lakefront at her grandpa's house was extra enticing because they inquired in January and thinking of anything related to a beach just made me feel warm! The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous, albeit short. Like, 12 minutes short! That's gatta be a record... It did give us plenty of time for photos after though, so i didn't complain. The perfect touch was the arbor that Ben, his dad and friends made from locust logs. Definitely beyond my woodworking skills. We had quite the surprise during the family formals when a hang-glider swung by... for a second, I thought they planned that during the ceremony. Maybe an idea to deliver the rings? We all went to a nearby reservation for some amazing portraits. A beautiful bride, marine-groom, and amazing backlight from the sun? Safe to say, they did an amazing job. I think my favorites are the ones of them walking on the wooden walkway. A-freakin-plus 🙂 The reception space was beautiful at the Croation Lodge. I definitely did not expect the beautiful up-lighting or the vast reception hall, both of which made for an amazing experience. Anytime I see little toddlers running around, I start to miss my own! I'm so glad I pulled them over for the photo booth - is that last picture not the cutest thing you've ever seen???

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