Same sex couple in front of dinosaur mural at Morris Museum Wedding

Cheri + Rachel’s Same Sex Morris Museum Wedding

This Same Sex Morris Museum Wedding was AWESOME!!!!! We Love Cheri and Rachel, and we knew right from the beginning that their wedding was going to be awesome-sauce! The Morris Museum in Morristown, NJ is such a great place for a wedding. We had never been there before doing their walk-through meeting. This was the perfect venue for two book lovers! Rachel is a librarian and Cheri digitizes books and online cataloging. Despite the rainy day, nothing could make these two stop smiling. And it did stop raining for a little bit! We met them in their hotel and they got ready together with their dog Alex. And OMG How cute is he!! While he tried to steal the show (NO WAY), Rachel was romantically adorable. That white dress – with pockets, from Mod Cloth (that she bought 3 years ago btw). And paired with those blue tights and shoes from Hot Chocolate Design. And make sure to check out Cheri’s nails. They have actually type set in them, how perfect! After getting ready, we headed over to the venue. We were hoping for a rainbow but didn’t see one. But that’s ok- they had their own cute rainbow umbrella. And we were able to get some beautiful photos with crazy awesome light during a short break in the rain. Then we headed inside for some super fun pics all around the museum. It really was the perfect place for these two lovebirds, who love to be goofy and laugh as well as be romantic. The whole wedding was well thought out and meaningful. Family and friends helped to make this cool library themed wedding. All the flowers in the centerpieces were made from book pages. All the books used for the centerpieces were by author Stephen King. And for all the table numbers they used Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. Rachel’s step father made the boxes from recycled wood and her dad hallowed out the books. And her sister made the long book page table runner behind their ceremony! And speaking of their ceremony- SOOOOO Sweet. They had a bowl of flowers for their guests to take and put in another bowl as a hand wash ceremony. Each guest also took the time to hug them and give them their love. Even though that part was unplanned it was such an Awesome moment. Lucky for them they only had about 100 people there, still a decent crowd! During the wedding the whole museum was open. So guests could enjoy the exhibit, dance, or just sit and talk over the Fantastic breakfast buffet dinner. Yes, breakfast for dinner! How Fabulous is that!!! Their whole wedding was just perfect.

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