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A Different Kind of Matchmaker

Flutter Social is a new type of wedding planning website. Unlike some of the others, we only match you with vendors that are the right fit for you based on your preferences and network. All in one platform, and always for free.

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Help us see your vision and understand what matters most for your day, like working with businesses that share your values

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Match with only the vendors that meet your criteria, and see who in your network has worked with them before

Build your wedding dream team

View each vendor's sample work and Preferred Partners, and be inspired to build a vendor team that will work together as one

Inquire with those you love

With just a click, inquire with all the vendors you are interested in to save time and simplify the booking process

What Couples Say

"Thank you, Flutter for helping us along almost every step of our entire process. In terms of wedding planning, you've managed to help minimize the stress and maximize the happiness, which is really what I guess the wedding should be about."

Kelsey + Scott

"The vendor recommendations really made it feel like we had a free wedding planner the entire time. It really made things really easy."

Amanda + Rob

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