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This wedding was all about family, and that's my kind of wedding. Hillary & Dave are so incredibly sweet and humble. I could tell she was nervous - not only about getting married in a few hours, but to have so many people focusing on her & Dave. It's not easy being in the spotlight, which is why I love being behind the camera so much 🙂 I had never been to the Hanna Mansion before, but I was blown away when I walked in. The architecture was exquisite, but the light also flowed in perfectly for photos. It's amazing when dedicated people can take a neglected property and restore it to it's former beauty. It took a bit of convincing on my part, but Hillary & Dave agreed to a 1st look. I totally get why couple's are hesitant, but it always turns out to be one of the most emotional parts of the wedding day. I'm pretty sure I got no less than 100 photos of Dave gazing at his bride with the biggest smile he's ever had. With only a few minutes for portraits, we had to move fast. Luckily there were a couple trees bursting with fall color in walking distance. Everyone planning a fall wedding wants fall colors, but it can be pretty hard to predict what the trees will do. Luckily, everything was in peak color this weekend and the ceremony was stunning. Tucked away in the woods is a beautiful pergola, perfect for an intimate ceremony. Hillary's brother was the officiant, and was perfect. One of my favorite photos during the reception is one of Hillary's niece climbing up into her lap during the mother-son dance. Kids are amazing for many reasons, but I just love when they don't care what anyone thinks and go straight for what they want (whether that's a cookie or someone's lap!).

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