Meet Your Philadelphia Wedding DJ: Remixologists

DJ Taiga from Remixologists spinning at a Philadelphia wedding
Photo by M2 Photography

As Chief Remixologist at Remixologists, DJ Simon 'Taiga' Tai knows how to party.  He spins weddings up and down the east coast, leaving sore feet and happy customers in his wake.  We asked Simon some questions to learn more about how he got here, what inspires him, and who's a Remixologists client.  Read on for more of his story and for some sound wedding planning advice from a seasoned pro.


Is there a certain moment in your career that stands out? What are you most proud of?

In 2013, one of my early out of town weddings was with Alissa & Braden. They lived in Philadelphia, but had their wedding in the Finger Lakes in upstate New York where Alissa's parents live. My wife came along as my assistant and we stayed in a log cabin (outhouse and all) afterwards for a mini vacation. The wedding was a huge success and we had a great time! Fast forward to 2017, I recently spun Aaron & Julianne's wedding at Pippin Hill Vineyard in Northern Virginia (another 6 hour road trip.) Aaron (Alissa's brother) & Julianne first experienced my DJing at that 2013 wedding. They said it was the best they've heard throughout the years and had to bring me out for their wedding. The wedding was another huge success with an insane dance party. Aaron & Alissa's parents came up to me at the end of the reception and said "You did it again, AMAZING! We don't know when Bam (3rd sibling of the family) is getting married. But when he does, you'll get another call from us." I was pleasantly surprised they remembered me and proud that I've been able to contribute to their family's joy in this way. I can't wait for Bam's wedding and it would only be fitting if I had to travel another 6 hours to get there.


What's your super power? Everyone has something they do better than everyone else.

I love to make people dance (& keep them dancing) and people tell me I'm really good at it. 🤷‍♂️


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How did you become a DJ?

I've always loved music and started DJing in college for fun and the free drinks. Even after graduating college, DJing remained a hobby as I embarked into a corporate career in Information Technology. I only stumbled into the wedding industry after spinning weddings for friends & family and referrals from their weddings started flowing in. The word of mouth grew steadily and now I'm here.


What do you love about your job?

I love seeing how my couples' life experiences shape their soundtrack and how I can infuse that into their wedding music. Their family heritage, where & when they grew up/went to college/work now all contribute to the music palette I get to 'paint' with sonically. Every couple is unique in that way and the challenge of putting it all together is both fulfilling and exhilarating.


Where's your favorite place in Philadelphia? In the world?

I love to eat, so it'd have to be Vernick's in Rittenhouse Square. The food is ridiculously good and it's not stuffy like same fancy joints. I can feel comfortable in there wearing a suit or my snapback (I almost always wear a hat if it's not a formal occasion.) I also help curate for their restaurant playlists so you know the music is on-point. And in the world? Home, because deep down in my soul I'm an introvert.


Simon 'Taiga' Tai
Chief Remixologist

Who is a Remixologists client?

Who is a good client? One who knows what they love/hate and trusts you (me?) to take that and create something beautiful with it.


How would you define your creative process?

Organized chaos. Ideas come from all different places... whether it's listening to the radio while driving, going through new/old music, or hearing my kids sing made up songs. The organized part is writing them down so I can build on it later. #Preparation


What inspires you?

Different cultures of the world and the music that flows from them. Also really ghetto hip hop my parents can't stand.


If you could give couples one word of advice what would it be?

Hire solid vendors you trust so you can be relaxed and focus on your spouse/friends/family on your wedding day. The day will go by faster than you think, so be present and enjoy the moments. And for dancing, changing into sneakers is the move. If your DJ is awesome, your feet will be SORE the next day.


Photo by M2 Photography

How would you define your style?

Dad cool? Is that a style?


What do you do for fun?

Hang out with my wife & kids. Go to Disney World.


What do you love about weddings?

The gathering of friends & family, seriousness of the commitment, and the immense joy that's exuded.


How would your clients describe you?

From a few recent reviews: "He is incredibly organized, polished, and professional, and always makes you feel comfortable that he is on top of everything." "He was incredibly responsive, helpful, and unfailingly sweet!" "HE WAS THE BEST DJ EVER."


How would your fellow wedding professionals describe you?

Someone who is easy to work with and has the bride & groom's best interest at heart.


Dealer's Choice. Did you want to share something that we didn't ask?

I have a Greyhound/German Shepherd mix rescue dog named Louie.

Photo by Taiga

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