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Meet your Philadelphia Wedding Photographer: du soleil photographie

Do you know those people who just being around is like medicine for the soul? Minh of du soleil photographie is one of those people – good for the soul. As a Philadelphia Wedding Photographer, specializing in Film, she brings light and dimension to the relationships she cultivates and that translates into the wedding photographs she captures. She genuinely wants to know your story.


Minh takes the time to shoot with film because she’s in love with the tones and depth it brings to her images… and so are we! She understands the language of love and makes a point to capture the emotions conveyed in a look or a gesture. Perhaps Minh’s appreciation for authentic relationships, language and art can be attributed to her global perspective. She grew up grew up in Việt Nam and lived in France home before launching her career as a Philadelphia Wedding Photographer.


We sat down with Minh to learn more about her work and what inspires her art – read on to learn how she studies the loving gestures between her couples to create photo narratives that reflect their personality as well as their relationships with loved ones.

Who is a du soleil photographie client?


A du soleil client is someone who wants her story told through photographic visuals. She and I value having a relationship with each other so that I can create photo narratives that reflect her personality as well as her relationships with her loved ones. We share our love for styling up a beautiful shoot - an engagement session, a whole wedding day, or a family shoot - but we also prioritize capturing the unforeseen moments.


How would you define your creative process?


I don’t have a creative process per se, as it’s usually a lot more fluid than a so-called process, but I do have an approach to my creative projects. For weddings, I spend a lot of time getting to know my couples during and after our engagement session and use what I learn from them as details that inform my storytelling on their wedding day. For editorial shoots, I typically start with a single concept that has excited my imagination and explore a message I want to send through my visual narratives. Once I have a message, I begin brainstorming ways through which I can visualize the story through my photos. I get especially energized if the concept refers to something intangible. It challenges me to bring the abstract into concrete reality.


 Bride and bridesmaids in garden at Paxson Hill Farm. Blush Bridesmaids dresses and pink, white, and green flowers. Photo by Du Soleil Photographie.
What inspires you?


My source of inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes it’s the morning light twinkling through the trees in my front yard, sometimes it’s an artist interview in a Kinfolk magazine, and a lot of times, it would be people whom I meet with and get to know, whether they be clients or colleagues. I love the feeling of ideas bumping, splashing and merging with one another. The results are usually appreciated by all.


If you could give couples one word of advice what would it be?


Prioritize. There are many aspects of a wedding day that a couple have to prepare for, and with each aspect, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with details. Remember what you’re celebrating and prioritize what’s truly important. If you find yourself doing everything, it’s probably time to focus on your prioritized projects and delegate the rest to others.


Fall Bride and Groom at The Old Mill
How would you define your style?


There’s a lot of light and softness in my photos. I love colors that are bright but gentle, and tones that deliver a statement while preserving their subtlety. I search for a light source that illuminates and compliments the complexion of my photographs. I also play with the camera’s angle – sometimes a simple turn of the camera can transcend an otherwise uneventful perspective.


What do you do for fun?


I like to work with my hands a lot, whether it be cooking an improvised recipe or learning how to make textured paper from Youtube. I also like to hang out with friends and have colorful discussions with them. You can always know more about your friends and bonding time is always great.


What do you love about weddings?


Besides all the dreamy details, I love seeing the beautiful gestures that are exchanged among families of the bride and groom and between the bride and groom themselves. They remind me of my own family and are great reminders of what I have. Because of this, they are deeply touching and delightful to see. Like any great story, weddings make me laugh and tear up at multiple points over the course of the day, sometimes all at the same time. These emotional moments really inform me of the tone of the wedding and help me capture the day’s essence. They make me feel so palpably alive while doing what I love.

Bottom center photo by Inna Ovsepian

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