Hotel Welcome Bag Items

Expert Advice: Ten Essentials for Your Wedding Welcome Bags

Planning a wedding is all about creating an experience that tells your story.  For your guests, their experience starts when they first arrive in town for the celebration, which makes it the perfect opportunity to set the tone for the weekend and show them your appreciation with a wedding welcome bag at their hotel.  How do you accomplish that with one small package?

We tapped into welcome bag expert Bowtie Bags, to get the details on welcome bag essentials, including a few ways to bring your personality and your story into the mix.  Here's Bowtie Bag's take on ten essentials for you hotel wedding  bag:

1. Snacks Local to your City

Weddings are an exciting event for guests, just as they are the couple. Out-of-town guests may have little time to dive into the local culture around the wedding itself. Providing an authentic snacking experience of the locality gives your guests the opportunity to experience a “taste” of the city before heading home.

2. Custom Label

Personalization is key for any wedding because it’s your day. Add the names of the couple, the wedding date, and a warm welcome message to remind your guests how excited you are for them to join you on your special day.

3. Welcome Letter and Itinerary

Let your guests know things to do in the city and the schedule of events for the weekend. Have you ever been to a wedding where an important guest is late to rehearsal or even the ceremony? Including an informational document and itinerary helps to ensure everything runs smoothly. The welcome letter serves as a personal greeting for each guest, so you can focus on other essential things - like remembering your vows. 😳

4. Special Delivery

Have your hotel hand your welcome gifts during check-in for a memorable and lasting first impression. Most hotels will do this for free. If you are really looking to wow your guests (note: the hotel might charge a small amount), have the bags waiting for your guests inside their hotel room. Hotel check-ins can be stressful, especially when the lobby is busy, and this option leaves them with one less thing to carry to their room. Either way, your guests will be grateful for a wedding welcome bag filled with goodies.

5. Hospitality Items

Items like pain reliever travel packets or stain wipe removers are must-haves. Guests will be forever grateful that they were able to get the coffee stain out of their shirt before pictures. Pain reliever is another life saver, since guests may have had a long car ride, flight or too much to drink at the reception...

6. Couple's Favorites

Guests will get to know the couple with some of their favorite snacks or products. It is interesting to see how two different tastes unite!

7. Destination Essentials

Guests will appreciate the thought of including something they may have forgotten at home, such as sunscreen or sunglasses.  If the destination is in cooler weather, consider including hot chocolate packets or hand warmers.

8. Thank-You Gifts

Guests have to plan in advance and sometimes travel 1000’s of miles be a part of the occasion. Let them know you appreciate their time and effort. Ideas include a handcrafted local candle or soap, beautifully packaged macarons, or glassware to serve up a pre-wedding drink.

9. Personalized Novelties

Some items easy to personalize are drink koozies and coasters. These are the gifts that keep on giving! Guests will be reminded of the good times every time they reach for their favorite drink.

10. Beverages

Your guests will need refreshments to pair with their snacks (and pain reliever - see #5 above 😵).  Be sure to add bottles of water. If you're creating a package that is city-inspired, include craft beer from your favorite local brewery or a bottle of local wine.  Or, here's another opportunity to add something personal  - just the right ingredients for your favorite cocktail.